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Hydrasoft Hydrasoft Toric Thin 1-Pack
$126.00 CAD $135.50
Hydrasoft Toric Thin contact lenses is giving clear, crisp vision back to those with a difficult astigmatic eye. Even being a soft contact lens, Hydrasoft Toric Thin is still custom made to your exact specifications for optimal vision correction, something that used to be only obtainable in hard contacts. Recommended...
Hydrasoft Sphere (EW)
$98.00 CAD $103.85
Buy 360 boxes in total and get an extra 5% discount. Discount will be reflected in your shopping cart. Hydrasoft Sphere (EW) contacts are daily wear contacts from Cooper Vision. These contact lenses are durable and comfortable, making them ideal for people with active lifestyles. Each vial contains 1 contact...
Hydrasoft Hydrasoft Toric 15.0
$169.00 CAD $174.20
55% water, 45% methafilcon B polymer Hydrasoft Toric contact lenses manufactured by Cooper Vision. Hydrasoft Toric lenses enable those with astigmatism to see as well as -- or better than -- vision achieved with glasses or hard contacts. Made with methafilcon B, a 55% water material, this lens is easy...
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